Upcoming White Papers

  • "AI Unleashed: A Comprehensive Journey Through Machine Learning"

  • "Exploring Cognitive Networks: A Journey Towards Optimized User Experience"

  • "AI in the Fast Lane: 12 Years of Transforming Networks”

  • "A Dozen Years in the AI Trenches: Lessons, Triumphs, and Tribulations"

  • "Unraveling the Top 5 Missteps in AI for Networking: A Must-Avoid Guide"

  • "Words Matter: The Emergence of Large Language Models as AI Game Changers"

  • "Silicon and Synapses: A Deep Dive into AI and Human Intelligence"

  • “Mind Over Matter: The Surprising Parallels between the Internet and our Brains"

  • “Beyond Invention: The Multifaceted Journey of Innovation”

  • "Obvious in Hindsight: The Inescapable Cycle of Disruptive Innovation"

Various Technical White Papers

Micro Failures, Macro Insights: Unveiling the MIF Phenomenon in the Internet
Application-aware Oscillation Detection in Internet Paths
Large-scale Internet Path modeling and applications
From Dark to Grey Failures in the Internet
Reactive versus Predictive Networks