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The AI Future of Networking and Cybersecurity. How to get started.

Discussion with Davd Bombal ...

Is there a genuine need for ML/AI in the Internet and Networking?

Over the past four decades, ML/AI has experienced a roller-coaster journey. While its broad adoption began around the early 2010s with CNN and Deep Neural Networks, the recent surge in GenAI and Large Language Models has catalyzed an unprecedented pace of innovation, impacting a vast array of use cases across various (all) industries. Concurrently, the realm of the Internet and Networking has witnessed rapid evolution, with hundreds of protocols and technologies now supporting a plethora of applications utilized by over 60% of the global population. This raises the question: Is there a genuine need for ML/AI in the Internet and Networking? Indeed, numerous AI applications have been developed and deployed at large scale, leveraging statistical models, ML, and AI, to address diverse use cases like anomaly detection and predictive Internet. The aim of this talk is to discuss such AI applications applied to Networking (Wifi, LAN, WAN, application QoE, Optical) with tangible examples and results. Large Language Models, too, are no exception; they hold the potential to usher in a multitude of novel use cases for Networking, which will be touched upon in this presentation.

An ACM Tech Talk moderated by Matthew Caesar, chair of SIGCOMM, Feb 2024.

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Great discussion with David Bombal at CL'22 where we discussed our 12 years ML/AI journey at Cisco, the role of ML/AI for Networking, ChatGPT and more.

"A 10-year journey improving the Internet with the help of AI" - Oxford Artificial Intelligence, 2021.